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Helloo👋🏼⁣👋🏼 Here goes a little bit of our story.

We are Ana Sofía and Carolina, the creators behind Mediary Planner.⁣ ⁣In addition to being the co-founders, we are sisters👯‍♀️, graphic designers, and marketers, passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to transform ideas into realities✨.

We also run Happier @happeragency, a design agency, thanks to which the idea of starting this project arose.⁣ ⁣

Back to 2019, as we grew the design agency and began to manage social media for more and more clients, we reached a point where we needed to have a physical tool with which to organize our ideas, sketch, write, and create new content.

We started looking for something that could help us out, but when we realized that it didn’t exist out there, we decided to create it ourselves ⁣ and this is how Mediary was born at the end of 2019. We started with Planners, and little by little, we have been growing and launching new products. Now we also offer workshops, and soon we will tell you about new surprises that we are launching for you🤩🙌.⁣ ⁣ We are very passionate about this project, and we love that you are a part of it🖤📓